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Stream by moppaa
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Frankly, I don't usually give a lot of five-star reviews on deviantART. With cosplays it is a lack of originality, or in photography it...

Delusions of Gothic by GrahamSym

To me, this is the kind of artwork that is often neglected for its seeming-simplicity. The concept of a vast structure, or megalith, a ...

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Now, this is the sort of artwork I really feel drawn to. I'm not a huge sampler of the horror genre in writing - I find it exceedingly ...

LOKI: Let it go, let it go! by FahrSindram

Once again - as with your 'chains I made for myself' Loki cosplay, it is very hard to find fault in your appearance mirroring Tom Hiddl...

Plans for the Future

Alright, so this is what I've got going ahead in the future:

All's End & Violet Era: These two are going to continue unabated as they always have. They're my two solo pieces and I reckon if I stop them what remains of my viewers will commit to an exodus and I'll never see anyone again.

Finishing State of Decay: For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a collaborate between myself and :iconvorahk295: set after a rather bad bout for Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies. Anyone who is following the series will have seen that it's taking longer than usual, but we hope to resume a normal upload routine for our collabs at the end of the week.

White Slate: For god's sake people...we've had barely anyone looking at this thing. White Slate is the collaborative effort between myself and :iconzsstories: in an attempt to create an original piece of writing. It isn't related to the Sonic universe or any of the ones in All's End - completely new. It's the first original piece on my profile and :iconzsstories: has a hard enough time getting viewers as it is. I'm rather disappointed that no one is really giving this one a chance.


Renegade: Another semi-original piece originally started by :iconmathiasthemighty: and subsequently mothballed after eight chapters, he has agreed to let myself and :iconvorahk295: continue the story in his stead should we wish to. I'm hoping we can, since it might be something fun to do. For those of you who don't know it, the first chapter is here:…

A Red Mentality: Based loosely on the original by :iconkivand6: and a madness that overtakes Amy Rose, he and I will be revisiting his work and giving it a remake, hopefully improving it and adding a third person to the group I have collaborated with.

Gay Marriage? (Yay controversy!) 

16 deviants said Yes
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More of a mash-up of stuff in this journal just to talk about a few things, namely a brief update on the Iron Rose, some events from Saturday and what the situation is between myself and Therix.

Updates for the Rose
I'll keep this brief - I have wire to make frames, putty to make models, bases to mount those models on, and Microsoft Word to write the codex. Of all of those things, Microsoft Word is the only thing I'm confident with but I don't want to start the codex until I start modelling.
This is going to take a little longer than I expected.
Does anyone have any idea how to model things with green stuff epoxy putty? It would be much appreciated for any help.

On Saturday I went to a very small convention called Exilicon, essentially a hobbyist and creative convention with various little things including storytelling, game mods, graphic novels and various experimental and classical tabletop games. These games ranged from Byzantine Circular Chess to Egyptian Senet and to Hetairos, an experimental adventure game exploring the Greek underworld. Games aside I've gotten to know another writer, and a writer/artist present here on dA.

Byzantine Circular Chess - A peculiar variation on chess using older rules on top of it, the board has just as many spaces as in regular chess, but is arranged around a central ground where no pieces can move. The setup is four pawns on each side with the rest of the pieces arranged in the middle using a fairly conventional setup. When two pawns from one player meet each other at the centre, effectively blocking each other, the opposing player just removes them.
Thing is, the game also uses a few older rules; firstly, queens are called Generals and can only move one space diagonally, like a watered-down king piece. Bishops are instead Elephants, and move two spaces diagonally non-negotiably. Yeah...queens and bishops were terrible until they updated stuff.
Also learned about how Castles as we know them, or Rooks, were actually derived from the Persian word Ruhk, which translates as Chariot, explaining why they work so well in straight lines.

Senet - A slightly smaller and more evil version of snakes and ladders, where you control five pieces and have to move them through three rows of squares, including combating enemy pieces to have all your pieces removed by the final board piece. We didn't really get a game of that in before we got invited to Hetairos, but that was the gist of it.

Hetairos - A map-based roguelike adventure game designed by JubalBarca and still in the experimental stages. It features a fairly simple and intuitive combat and movement system, only marred by our bad dice rolls meaning that almost all of our exploration meant we encountered rocks, Pits of Shades and Chimera. You got to pick from about ten available races, each with their own advantages, ranging from knowledge buffs to healing and then straight up damage bonuses. On top of that there were plenty of scenarios and possible item drops, and the gaming experience was really only marred by the small map due to space restrictions, the understandably-in-progress set of rules and our own naivete. I think that with slightly larger space to move our figures around and without the interruption of lunch we would have been altogether more successful with playing it.

The Ballad of Baillie - Another in a way comical part of JubalBarca 's performance as host of the convention was the side-room stories, where he related to us a couple of traditionally-themed tales. To add a more humorous note to his storytelling he was in some cases accompanied by a Jew's Harp (neither Jewish, nor a harp) and the spoons, a tune with which he played on his knee and then on the head of one of his friends.
"If you wish to save the world, do not give them plans or weapons, tell them stories."

ryuuza-art - What I will admit was one of the highlights of the convention was the Soul Snatchers booth, one of the two stands there that were being run by people making money rather than sole hobbyists. This stand did in the end occupy the final hour and half of the convention, both for the stimulating conversation and the work that had been put into it. Across the stall was a range of merchandise, ranging from postcards sporting characters from Team Fortress 2, to silver etchings of characters from Sailor Moon and Iron Man, sketches of Cloud, and her own unique artwork and storytelling in the form of Soul Snatchers.
After wandering over to the stall I picked up a crossover poster of Attack on Titan and Adventure time; neither series I've seen but the artwork was too good to mass up. Alongside it an A4 print of pretty much all the portal characters in one dynamic scene, and the first two editions of Soul Snatchers, a series that definitely has more to it than you first would expect.
While I wouldn't like to have a highlight to the convention as to avoid disrespect to any of the other areas, I would definitely say conversation with Guiseppa was immensely enjoyable.

Therix. Just...Therix.
This little piece tacked on at the end is just to reveal some interesting meta-information about Therix. Therix was, at his first inception, a character I unashamedly threw into All's End as a peculiar self-insert, and like everything else in the classic All's End, he was poorly-written at best. He was too powerful, too changeable, and had a relationship that seriously I don't even.
Since the reboot of All's End and its subsequent surpassing of its predecessor, he has become what I would call a far better character. With my original power-trip out of the way his powers and personality have calmed down significantly and settled into something I think suits him. Nowadays he still shares some qualities with me, but it also very much himself. Admittedly he is still more powerful than your average joe, but understandably as a key character, and with this comes a great deal of limits and social dysfunctions, including a self-generated fear of letting anyone else handle his problems. He gets to thinking that usually he's best suited to handle something, and won't let anyone else help because he doesn't want them to get killed. He's a skilled combatant and is meant to focus on evasion in his style, but with everything on his mind filling his head with politics, and his inability to listen to his own advice, he often forgets the best of his abilities and for that suffers.

The only part of him that really remains as an almost Gary-Stue-esque trait is his developing relationship with a pre-existing character, though thanks to some mind to how relationships work and picking the pair because it makes sense, my limited audience has thus met it with some cautious but positive responses.

Oh, and by the Way...
Guys, would it be too much to ask to leave comments on my writing when you read it? I enjoy replying to comments, but when the only trace of your passing is a little number in a slightly darker green than the background, it's a little depressing. I looked back at the journals about the Iron Rose I put up a couple of weeks ago, and it surprised me to see that the two had almost 400 views between them. Why did it surprise me? Both because that's more people than I have watchers, and also because they had nine comments between them. Nine comments, all of which were on one of the two and entirely consisted of a conversation between me and one of the people mentioned in the journal. Other than that, pretty much nothing.

Your account doesn't tell you a lot of people are properly reading your stuff; it only records it and that isn't accounting for all the misclicks and page refreshes.
Leave comments - it doesn't take up long unless you have something big to say, and it actually makes me feel like my work is being recieved by something other than the void.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Check it out guys, that's me.
Wargamer, poet, novelist. Don't like sport, don't like parties, and that's the way I like it.

I'm a writer, plain and simple. At least, I think so. I've had people who love my work, and one who even likened it to Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner. I'm a go-to guy for that sort of information, and if you want hints or advice for writing in prose, feel free to approach me. I'm happy to talk with anyone as long as you are polite, treat me with an appropriate amount of respect, and please try and use grammar. I don't like reading a continuous stream of writing with absolutely no punctuation to tell me where the sentence - if it indeed does - starts or ends; it hurts. Just...punctuate a little, when you talk to me, just so it sounds like I'm talking to a person, not a computer.

I'm not a friend-o-philic. I don't add you to my watch purely because you added me to yours. It doesn't work like that. I don't give people watches purely because they replied to a comment of mine. If you want me in your Watchers list, you need to have a gallery that mostly has things I want to look at. One piece is not enough to make me want to follow your deviations. I don't mind if you don't release regularly, but unless the art is consistently stuff I want to see, I might favourite the pieces I like, but not watch.

Now, honestly, if you read my stuff and don't like it, don't even bother flaming me for it. If you don't like it, don't read it - it won't affect you in any way whatsoever if you follow this simple piece of advice. If you enjoy my work, feel free to comment with any criticisms or favourite parts, but I won't accept things like "this sucks because it remotely deviates from the original." I want to make things clear: The things I write are for fun, they are often fanfictions or new ideas I have, so do not expect me to be evangelical about it.

Sometimes I come to blows with people about what art really is. I've had people who don't believe literature is a form of art, and some who will believe that anything is art. I believe that art is the soul, written or drawn or painted or whatever you do, into the piece and thus lain out bare. It is a riddle within the darkness and the grey and the light that only those who are true can solve, it is an impossible conundrum, the master paradox. It's truth, the expression of who we are. That is art.

Interested in working for a game design company, Digital Pulse Interactive, email them here:

And can someone please start showing people how to capitalise properly?…

Personal Quote: "Expect no equal resistance - to strike against me is to meet the harshest retaliation. Perhaps I will play a game, but sooner or later my words will slice through your tongue."

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Mixedfan8643 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hi Jethro. :) 

Just out of interest, when it comes to writing, what do you think the most FUN aspect of writing is?
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Seeing the life other characters live and living it alongside them, by far.
Mixedfan8643 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Very interesting. :)

For me, it's the fun of creating something. Creating a world for yourself to explore and characters for you to meet and you calculate the experiences you have as you meet the characters and explore the world. :D It's awesome and I love it. :D

Is that a good idea of writing being fun?
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
The only point I would disagree on there is that we're not the ones creating it. The characters are creating the world and the story, and the world and story are creating the characters. We're only giving it a way to be shown to other people. We never really create stories...we just give them a voice.
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ezioauditore97 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Student General Artist
How's it going for you?
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Not bad. In about a week I might be starting to craft custom miniatures from modelling putty.
Mixedfan8643 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Say pal, just out of interest, I'd like to discuss a writing-related topic with you.

What would you say are like the Top 5 most important rules of writing?
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It depends - writing in general or writing stories?
Mixedfan8643 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Writing stories. 

We could offer our own insights like what you think the five main rules would be and what I think. 

I just feel like striking up a conversation really and you quite enjoyed some of the ones we've had before so...yeah. 
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hm...that's a hard topic to say for definite. I've never given rules for it specifically -  I've usually not set rules for myself because that feels rather restricting, other than talking about flaws that appear in writing.
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