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Delusions of Gothic by GrahamSym

To me, this is the kind of artwork that is often neglected for its seeming-simplicity. The concept of a vast structure, or megalith, a ...

Microbe by moppaa
by moppaa

Now, this is the sort of artwork I really feel drawn to. I'm not a huge sampler of the horror genre in writing - I find it exceedingly ...

What do you think of me having thousands of personalities in my head? 

3 deviants said Comment. (Seriously, it's a question but I want to hear opinions.)

Commission Prices

I've been offering commissions for a little while now, but I realise I need to refine my pitch a little so people can make sense of things, so here is hopefully the current full list of prices and terms.

Commission Prices:

$5 for 1000 word shorts. This is generally something like an excerpt or a scene where the surrounding context is already known by the commissioner.

$20-$100 for pieces between 2000-10'000 words, where the ratio is $10 per 1000 words. Short stories, that short of thing.

Any commissions larger than this are at a standard rate of $100 per 10'000 words, transactions being done through paypal. (note that if a payment is funded via a credit card, there will be an additional $5 payment incurred per $100 to account for paypal's transfer rate.)

For the 1000 word commissions, payment is to be made prior to commissioner receiving work.

For commissions ranging between 2000 and 10'000 words, fee is to be paid half up front and half upon completion.

For larger commissions, the first $100 is to be paid before receiving the completed first 10'000, after which payments are to be made in increments of $100 as each completed 10'000 is transferred.

Terms and conditions:
Flexible work hours, especially with larger commissions. I need time to adapt my schedule based around the volume of commissions I receive - if any.

No fetishes. No, I don't want to hear about it. Done. Leave it out.

Well, okay, maybe xenophilia, if subject is mostly humanoid. Shut up.
NSFW may be considered, depending on specific nature of content, and may incur additional fees.

Homosexual relationships are allowed, but not within the NSFW category. While I am aware this occurs, as a heterosexual male I feel neither comfortable writing about it so intimately nor versed enough in how things go to do so.

I can write in many different genres, from sci-fi to fantasy and modern-day. My preferred medium is in sci-fi, though this is irrelevant, and writing will often include significant detail in a multitude of areas.

While original fiction - stories not derived from previous sources - is simply down to these terms and conditions, fanfictions are subject to debate as I may be unable to write certain stories if I was not invested or simply not interested in a fandom.

Miscellaneous Terms

I reserve my right to place any commissions done into my own gallery, provided they are compliant with dA's terms and conditions, and the theme of my own gallery. If you don't want you art to be made public please notify me when requesting the commission and this will be discussed. Certain pieces of writing will not be uploaded, regardless.

The exception to the above rule is business commissions - if you are requesting my services for a business endeavour, such as a game or similar, please make this clear when you are commissioning and I will make a note to not upload this work.

Business or personal, I will retain copies of the original work under my name, for use if I am needed to provide portfolio writing for potential employers, and depending on agreements made may post a preview of the piece to my gallery if this has been agreed.

I am not a ghostwriter. If I find that you have taken my work and claimed it as your own I will take steps to have it removed, and any payments already made to me will not be refunded, and I expect any reposting of my commission work to be appropriately marked as being written by me.

Unless the commission was for commercial purposes, I retain my right to upload to this account one (1) full year proceeding the completion of the commission unless the work was of a personal nature to the commissioner or of a nature I do not want appearing in my gallery. To determine the exact date, the 'Date Created' displayed in Windows Explorer on the PDF the file is sent through is used. Any commercial work will be retained privately and not uploaded. Works uploaded in this way will be placed only in a specific commissions folder alongside other commission work, and will not appear in my main gallery. If you object to work being uploaded in this manner please speak to me as I am flexible on the topic.

I realise that there are several terms and conditions, but I must take steps to protect my work. To this end, any document produced by me will be marked as my work to protect against theft or piracy. Don't ask me to remove watermarks or other information; I won't.

This list will probably be updated if things change.
Alright, so after the two weeks taken to hammer out a commission, I should be back doing everything I usually am, which currently constitutes:

All's End (Solo)
Violet Era (Solo)
State of Decay (Collab with Vorahk295 )
White Slate (Slow collab with ZsStories )
Among the Distant Stars (commercial commission)

I'll also be back to learning UDK (Unreal Development Kit) and 3D Studio Max.

So, with that recap, there's a couple of other things I'd like to talk about, the first being webcomics. I read a few as my main source of entertainment alongside music while I'm working on here, and there are some I'd like to recommend to people as a good read:

Grrl Power: A humorous superhero comic centred on female superheroes, taking a simultaneously more realistic and more amusing look at what supers do. Updates on Mondays and Thursdays. Warning, may contain Amazons and ADHD.

Two Guys and Guy: Three panels of nonsense every other day, just a way to fill a few seconds with some laughter. Don't go here for the story - go for Wayne, whose aspirations led his career advisor to suggest him becoming a career advisor.

Twokinds:… A rather seriously-oriented story about humans and anthros and trying to overcome a lot of racist beliefs and understanding how dangerous magic really is. It's a little...awkward, at moments, but you guys are reading this from a guy on deviantart. Pretty sure you can handle the fairly mild stuff this throw your way.

Sequential Art:… Begins without a plot, develops into one involving a hard-pressed artist, a comic-obsessed penguin, a slightly perverted cat and a quartet of supercomputer-level intelligence squirrels (all anthros.) Lots of crossovers and adaptations that people can probably appreciate.

Girl Genius:… A very steampunk comic about scientists, mad geniuses, giant blimps, and servants for mad geniuses. Also a talking castle. Manages to attain that quintessential balance between comedy and seriousness, with a caste of characters that mix things up so well you're sure you're meant to be rooting for at least one of them. If you're not sold, it has a talking cat wearing a greatcoat in it.

Eatatau:… A comic I found and became the literary editor for in the more recent pages, it's rather similar to Warhammer and enjoys laughing at the way it avoids copyrights. Avoid this if you're scared of slightly naked aliens or some of the most amazing battles you'll ever see. Gives the Tau (TTau) and the Eldar (thank you Tolkein) some love that Games Workshop refuse to.

Of all of those, I would definitely recommend Girl Genius and Grrl Power as my favourites of the bunch. Being involved I can't exactly recommend Eatatau, but yeah. Anyway, the second thing I wanted to talk about is writing styles. More specifically perspectives, and the ones I've used in the past, something I've been thinking about since during the commission.
Just to clarify, there are four main types that I am aware of or have utilised in some capacity in the past:

1st Person Limited - Writing in 1st person where the perspective is entirely from a single body and never leaves it.

1st Person Omniscient - Writing in 1st person, where the perspective may jump from person to person.

3rd Person Limited - The style the Harry Potter books were written in, using 3rd person but colouring everything from the lens of a single person.

3rd Person Omniscient - One of the most liberal perspectives to use, allowing you to view everything from a detached but watchful eye over whomsoever you want to.

These are the conventional ones; I've also written in a hybrid style, 1st Person Retrospective, where the story is told from the perspective of a single character, but also exploring others in third person as if the entire thing is being related back to you as a story written by the character. This is what I use in All's End, folks.

What have I found? That I absolutely hate 3rd Person Limited. I can't work with it. I can't work with being so restricted with a 3rd person method when 1st person is clearly better for the style you're going for. It just seems like it's unnecessarily restrictive one way or another.
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United Kingdom
Check it out guys, that's me.
Wargamer, poet, novelist. Don't like sport, don't like parties, and that's the way I like it.

I'm a writer, plain and simple. At least, I think so. I've had people who love my work, and one who even likened it to Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner. I'm a go-to guy for that sort of information, and if you want hints or advice for writing in prose, feel free to approach me. I'm happy to talk with anyone as long as you are polite, treat me with an appropriate amount of respect, and please try and use grammar. I don't like reading a continuous stream of writing with absolutely no punctuation to tell me where the sentence - if it indeed does - starts or ends; it hurts. Just...punctuate a little, when you talk to me, just so it sounds like I'm talking to a person, not a computer.

I'm not a friend-o-philic. I don't add you to my watch purely because you added me to yours. It doesn't work like that. I don't give people watches purely because they replied to a comment of mine. If you want me in your Watchers list, you need to have a gallery that mostly has things I want to look at. One piece is not enough to make me want to follow your deviations. I don't mind if you don't release regularly, but unless the art is consistently stuff I want to see, I might favourite the pieces I like, but not watch.

Now, honestly, if you read my stuff and don't like it, don't even bother flaming me for it. If you don't like it, don't read it - it won't affect you in any way whatsoever if you follow this simple piece of advice. If you enjoy my work, feel free to comment with any criticisms or favourite parts, but I won't accept things like "this sucks because it remotely deviates from the original." I want to make things clear: The things I write are for fun, they are often fanfictions or new ideas I have, so do not expect me to be evangelical about it.

Sometimes I come to blows with people about what art really is. I've had people who don't believe literature is a form of art, and some who will believe that anything is art. I believe that art is the soul, written or drawn or painted or whatever you do, into the piece and thus lain out bare. It is a riddle within the darkness and the grey and the light that only those who are true can solve, it is an impossible conundrum, the master paradox. It's truth, the expression of who we are. That is art.

Interested in working for a game design company, Digital Pulse Interactive, email them here:

And can someone please start showing people how to capitalise properly?…

Personal Quote: "Expect no equal resistance - to strike against me is to meet the harshest retaliation. Perhaps I will play a game, but sooner or later my words will slice through your tongue."

Plans for the Future

Alright, so this is what I've got going ahead in the future:

All's End & Violet Era: These two are going to continue unabated as they always have. They're my two solo pieces and I reckon if I stop them what remains of my viewers will commit to an exodus and I'll never see anyone again.

Finishing State of Decay: For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a collaborate between myself and :iconvorahk295: set after a rather bad bout for Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies. Anyone who is following the series will have seen that it's taking longer than usual, but we hope to resume a normal upload routine for our collabs at the end of the week.

White Slate: For god's sake people...we've had barely anyone looking at this thing. White Slate is the collaborative effort between myself and :iconzsstories: in an attempt to create an original piece of writing. It isn't related to the Sonic universe or any of the ones in All's End - completely new. It's the first original piece on my profile and :iconzsstories: has a hard enough time getting viewers as it is. I'm rather disappointed that no one is really giving this one a chance.


Renegade: Another semi-original piece originally started by :iconmathiasthemighty: and subsequently mothballed after eight chapters, he has agreed to let myself and :iconvorahk295: continue the story in his stead should we wish to. I'm hoping we can, since it might be something fun to do. For those of you who don't know it, the first chapter is here:…

A Red Mentality: Based loosely on the original by :iconkivand6: and a madness that overtakes Amy Rose, he and I will be revisiting his work and giving it a remake, hopefully improving it and adding a third person to the group I have collaborated with.

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Just out of interest, when it comes to writing, what do you think the most FUN aspect of writing is?
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Seeing the life other characters live and living it alongside them, by far.
Mixedfan8643 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
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For me, it's the fun of creating something. Creating a world for yourself to explore and characters for you to meet and you calculate the experiences you have as you meet the characters and explore the world. :D It's awesome and I love it. :D

Is that a good idea of writing being fun?
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The only point I would disagree on there is that we're not the ones creating it. The characters are creating the world and the story, and the world and story are creating the characters. We're only giving it a way to be shown to other people. We never really create stories...we just give them a voice.
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