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Delusions of Gothic by GrahamSym

To me, this is the kind of artwork that is often neglected for its seeming-simplicity. The concept of a vast structure, or megalith, a ...

Microbe by moppaa
by moppaa

Now, this is the sort of artwork I really feel drawn to. I'm not a huge sampler of the horror genre in writing - I find it exceedingly ...

LOKI: Let it go, let it go! by FahrSindram

Once again - as with your 'chains I made for myself' Loki cosplay, it is very hard to find fault in your appearance mirroring Tom Hiddl...

Loki cosplay: the chains I've made for myself by FahrSindram

Now, first of all do not be deceived by the low originality rating. Why? Because it's another Loki, and it's another cosplay. I do apol...

Plans for the Future

Alright, so this is what I've got going ahead in the future:

All's End & Violet Era: These two are going to continue unabated as they always have. They're my two solo pieces and I reckon if I stop them what remains of my viewers will commit to an exodus and I'll never see anyone again.

Finishing State of Decay: For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a collaborate between myself and :iconvorahk295: set after a rather bad bout for Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies. Anyone who is following the series will have seen that it's taking longer than usual, but we hope to resume a normal upload routine for our collabs at the end of the week.

White Slate: For god's sake people...we've had barely anyone looking at this thing. White Slate is the collaborative effort between myself and :iconzsstories: in an attempt to create an original piece of writing. It isn't related to the Sonic universe or any of the ones in All's End - completely new. It's the first original piece on my profile and :iconzsstories: has a hard enough time getting viewers as it is. I'm rather disappointed that no one is really giving this one a chance.


Renegade: Another semi-original piece originally started by :iconmathiasthemighty: and subsequently mothballed after eight chapters, he has agreed to let myself and :iconvorahk295: continue the story in his stead should we wish to. I'm hoping we can, since it might be something fun to do. For those of you who don't know it, the first chapter is here:…

A Red Mentality: Based loosely on the original by :iconkivand6: and a madness that overtakes Amy Rose, he and I will be revisiting his work and giving it a remake, hopefully improving it and adding a third person to the group I have collaborated with.

Gay Marriage? (Yay controversy!) 

16 deviants said Yes
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Alright, so with the seven main characters of the Iron Rose out of the way, I am still aware that there are a few characters who don't exist. These characters or squads will be next in line for creation, but will not have character sheets until I have the resources. On that note, construction is slightly delayed by lack of bases. However, here are the remaining characters and squads I will likely be attempting to build after the first seven are constructed. Some of these you will have already seen:

1) Cibo - Formerly a cyborg from the Blame! universe like Sanakan, Cibo had a Level 9 Safeguard into her and was retrieved at the same time as Sanakan. She was subsequently employed as a method of Exterminatus to cleanse corrupted planets, being kept in stasis when not in use. She is taller than any of Therix's commanders and at the height of her power is fully capable of destroying a planet as completely as the Death Star. the version of her I will be building is one that exists in two alternate universes, one where Cibo's programming was to protect Sanakan and so did not require stasis, or another where the safeguard programming was removed, and Sonmi in her AI form took control of the body. Either one resulted in a drastic power reduction, making her an extremely dangerous force but more reserved to reduce collateral damage. She is both extremely resilient and strong, though admittedly very slow, with her most basic of attacks easily able to destroy a battle tank with ease. She is a capable titan-killer, and more.

2) Soldt - An actually original character for once, Soldt comes from a long line of commanders serving under Therix as an admiral and captain. A trained soldier and experienced commander, Soldt despises the Imperium of man vehemently. He uses modified Tau wargear and weaponry, and has proven himself time and time again to be an inspiring leader, calm in any situation. Furthermore, Soldt is very capable of manipulating the battlefield on a tactical and strategic level, having accrued as much tactical genius as Usurkar E. Creed. CREEEEEED!

3) Dark - Originally an essence of a consciousness from D.N.Angel, Dark is a semi-human being who found himself in Therix's service simply because he lived long enough to survive most of what the galaxy can throw at him. Absolutely useless at being a team player but exceedingly cocksure and overconfident in himself, Dark has a habit of biting off more than he can chew but infuriatingly making things work out anyway. He has a wiry strength and is a low-level psyker, also possessing the ability to manifest compressed energy in the form of feathers. With this he is able to create wings or pockets of extreme gravity and personal shielding, making him a dangerous - if overconfident - warrior.

4) The Sisterhood - As an elaboration on Eleanor's backstory, as her character sheet states she was recovered alongside a few dozen of the Little Sisters rescued from the city of Rapture. Like Eleanor these girls were all latent psykers, though unlike her had lived most of their lives in ignorance of their calling. Their recovery gave the Iron Rose a significant boost in its psychic population, but due to the particular nature of these girls they were not separated to be trained as individuals. Instead their abilities were trained to manifest together, a combined psychic resonance that may not be able to match up to some psykers, but is a clear advantage against the majority when they are working in unison. This is likely going to be the only named unit in the army, unless something better comes up. However, at this rate the Iron Rose will have ten unique characters and a single unique unit, two of that number of characters being apocalypse-capable. I've already written Kary-08, and I still think any more than that would be stretching the suspension of disbelief to its limit.

5) The Improved Rose - Now, I'm very aware that when I wrote the original Iron Rose, I was pretty terrible at it. In fact, thus far when creating decent military forces I've been pretty bad, and so I am planning an overhaul of the Iron Rose and may, if I have the time and energy, make it into a proper, official-lookin' codex. do that, I first need to get an idea of what I'm putting in it. History and deployment isn't the difficult bit - I've practically done it anyway while writing All's End - but I still need units. The squads provided in the current batallion are thinly-stated, and frankly I don't think I really put as much effort as I should have into them. They lack tanks, artillery support, fast movers and covert operations units, and actual proper infantry that hasn't been hashed up as I went. I might need some help with that bit.



In other news, State of Decay with Vorahk should be resuming by week's end.
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Check it out guys, that's me.
Wargamer, poet, novelist. Don't like sport, don't like parties, and that's the way I like it.

I'm a writer, plain and simple. At least, I think so. I've had people who love my work, and one who even likened it to Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner. I'm a go-to guy for that sort of information, and if you want hints or advice for writing in prose, feel free to approach me. I'm happy to talk with anyone as long as you are polite, treat me with an appropriate amount of respect, and please try and use grammar. I don't like reading a continuous stream of writing with absolutely no punctuation to tell me where the sentence - if it indeed does - starts or ends; it hurts. Just...punctuate a little, when you talk to me, just so it sounds like I'm talking to a person, not a computer.

I'm not a friend-o-philic. I don't add you to my watch purely because you added me to yours. It doesn't work like that. I don't give people watches purely because they replied to a comment of mine. If you want me in your Watchers list, you need to have a gallery that mostly has things I want to look at. One piece is not enough to make me want to follow your deviations. I don't mind if you don't release regularly, but unless the art is consistently stuff I want to see, I might favourite the pieces I like, but not watch.

Now, honestly, if you read my stuff and don't like it, don't even bother flaming me for it. If you don't like it, don't read it - it won't affect you in any way whatsoever if you follow this simple piece of advice. If you enjoy my work, feel free to comment with any criticisms or favourite parts, but I won't accept things like "this sucks because it remotely deviates from the original." I want to make things clear: The things I write are for fun, they are often fanfictions or new ideas I have, so do not expect me to be evangelical about it.

Sometimes I come to blows with people about what art really is. I've had people who don't believe literature is a form of art, and some who will believe that anything is art. I believe that art is the soul, written or drawn or painted or whatever you do, into the piece and thus lain out bare. It is a riddle within the darkness and the grey and the light that only those who are true can solve, it is an impossible conundrum, the master paradox. It's truth, the expression of who we are. That is art.

Interested in working for a game design company, Digital Pulse Interactive, email them here:

And can someone please start showing people how to capitalise properly?…

Personal Quote: "Expect no equal resistance - to strike against me is to meet the harshest retaliation. Perhaps I will play a game, but sooner or later my words will slice through your tongue."

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I just feel like striking up a conversation really and you quite enjoyed some of the ones we've had before so...yeah. 
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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